Globus Tattoo

est. 2002


Welcome to Globus Gallery and Tattoo’s.

Our  professional boutique studio is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.

Offering a modern,  bright, clean, open studio assuring you a safe and  trusted environment.  Privacy is offered and supporters are welcome to sit in and be a part of your experience.

You will feel invited and immediately welcomed with the  ease of our friendly service and expertise of our staff. 

We are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional  tattooing experience; from the initial consultation,  to the delivery of design, placement, overall body composition, and finished tattoo, we have the goal of surpassing the highest expectations. 

  It is just the two of us who work here, and we do our best to accommodate everyone, however we try to live a balanced life which means it cant be all work and no play. So from time to time, we will be on annual leave, take a long weekend, or may even have a sick child to stay home for.

We are a semi private studio with limited reception hours and may run by appointment only from time to time.

  Please call or email if coming from out of town to ensure availability.

It is essential for our International clients to email or call, a few weeks in advance.  We miss the opportunity of tattooing a lot of neat people due to limited availability at short notice, especially during our summer months.

Elton Buchanan is the tattooist.

Kellyrae Buchanan is bookings and reception.

                                                    GLOBUS GALLERY Ltd                                                                         

                                                              Est. 2002.            



       Offering a Professional Service to those who expect the best !

  PHONE:                (64) 0210 22 89 526 


   LOCATION :           Private studio  Rotorua,  New Zealand.

  HOURS :                   CLICK HERE FOR HOURS

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